10x more Money, 10x more Value, 10x more Growth

with the George omoraro

10x more Money, 10x more Value, 10x more Growth

with the George omoraro

Helping Africans Build Wealth for a Better and Greater Continent

I am dedicated to the mission of helping Africans build wealth for a better and greater continent. Through my course, you will learn the skills and strategies necessary to increase your wealth and contribute to the growth and prosperity of Africa as a whole. Join me in this journey towards financial freedom and a brighter future for our continent. Together, we can make a difference.

George Omoraro is a globally driven entrepreneur with the mindset of creating solutions to the problems of the world.

With a burning passion for building platforms that will raise Africans as global icons through various initiatives, while solving Africa’s major problems and crises. George’s goal is to raise one million African youths as millionaires in dollars and also to raise ten million people from poverty to middle-class in Africa. George is result oriented, he believes that results must justify efforts, therefore he seeks to teach the next generation how this is achieved through mindset reengineering. He is committed to learning and capacity development, which will enable him give back to the society at large. He runs a marketing communications agency, RAGE Media Group with massive expansion plans to take over the media space in Africa. He also shares a charged desire for development with keen interests in Real Estate, Finance, Manufacturing, Agriculture and much more.

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