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Who is George //  
An Altruist

Love conquers all. George Omoraro learnt early in life to eat last. He tries to ensure everyone is fine and well fed before he serves himself. This is evident in all his relationships and that is why he founded two companies (Raven’s Place & Fish Coin International) around service to humanity. He has touched thousands of lives across Nigeria and is still passionate about doing more for Africa.


Who is George //  An Altruist
Arms of service To humanity

Raven's place

Another faith based expression of George’s advocacy for love for all humanity, Raven’s place is committed to feeding thousands of people monthly in Nigeria.

Fish Coin International

George Omoraro believes that the proof of love is giving, and this is one of his many expressions of that thought. George set up this company to pay bills for the poor & vulnerable people in the society

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