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George Omoraro believes four words best describe him. Entrepreneur, Transformation Engineer, Altruist and Trainer. His life and faith are built around a central unique idea; Love. He believes that Love is a powerful force that if humanity were governed by it, we would definitely have a better place to live in.

With many years in branding and marketing communications, humanitarian service and faith-based assignments, George is identified as one of the most rounded and promising young Africans. Growing up in and currently operating from Nigeria, George believes that He can touch the world and is famous for his closing line after every speech ‘Let us make a dent in the universe’. This is one of the attributes He has learnt from Steve Jobs, who is one of his many role models.


George Omoraro has an undying thirst for Knowledge and this is evident in his attitude to new information. He adopts the concept of learning, unlearning and relearning. 


Love conquers all. George Omoraro learnt early in life to eat last. He tries to ensure everyone is fine and well fed before he serves himself. This is evident in all his relationships and that is why he founded two companies


Since 2017, George Omoraro has been actively building a media and consultancy-based business in Nigeria. With fantastic market progressions, he has built a team of astute and creative young people

Transformation Engineer

George has a passion for making businesses global. His digital transformation company is built to help African Business tap into the Global Market and trade without restrictions

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