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An entrepreneur

Since 2017, George Omoraro has been actively building a media and consultancy-based business in Nigeria. With fantastic market progressions, he has built a team of astute and creative young people, currently disrupting the marketing communications space. With unique partnerships with similarly minded people, George has co-founded and built companies in other industries in the technology, retail and consultancy space.


Who is George //  An Entrepreneur
Companies Founded by George

Brain Box

George Omoraro is building Brain Box to become Africa’s foremost digital transformation company. He has a passion for helping local businesses reach a global audience and serve a global market

Rage Media

George Omoraro serves as the CEO at Rage, an integrated marketing communications company in Nigeria with clients and competencies across various industries

Kweek Social

A novel idea, retailing Social Media Content. Kweek Social is a virtual marketplace where designers and copywriters meet with clients brief and create content that will help the brands sell on social media.

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