7 January 2023


A Proven Business Formula To "START" The Year Strong And Open Revenue Floodgates In 2023

A One-day Virtual Training That Gives You A Step-by-step Plan To Help You Stay On Track And Achieve Your Goals

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Let’s start off by being 100% honest!

At the beginning of every year, you start off thinking, “this is the year that changes everything”. Days, weeks and then months go by and it seems like, “this is just going to be like every other year.”

This is how it goes almost every year and you are really getting frustrated. You are sick and tired of starting the year with so much energy and excitement only to spend the rest of the year playing catch-up.

If you are desperately looking for ways to kick off the year, sustain momentum and set your business up for success, then this is the most exciting news you will read this season.

Here is why:

In 2022, less than 20% of businesses ended the year better than they did in the previous year. Guess what? In 2023, the percentage is predicted to be even smaller.

I’m not a preacher of doom but any business that is not intentional and proactive enough to plan for 2023 might just as well get ready to be knocked silly out of business.

If you are interested in arming yourself, strategically planning and preparing to be one of the few businesses to win big in 2023;

If you want to hit your target, increase your client base, grow your account and rock the hell out of 2023, then you have to start now!

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What to expect from START

Meet George

The George Omoraro is a globally driven entrepreneur with the mindset of creating solutions to the problems of the world.

With a burning passion for building platforms that will raise Africans as global icons through various initiatives, while solving Africa’s major problems and crises.

George’s goal is to raise one million African youths as millionaires in dollars and also to raise ten million people from poverty to middle-class in Africa.

George is result oriented, he believes that results must justify efforts, therefore he seeks to teach the next generation how this is achieved through mindset reengineering. He is committed to learning and capacity development, which will enable him give back to the society at large.

He runs a marketing communications agency, RAGE Media Group with massive expansion plans to take over the media space in Africa. He also shares a charged desire for development with keen interests in Real Estate, Finance, Manufacturing, Agriculture and much more.


Maybe you are tired of rigorous start-of-the-year planning that usually leads you nowhere. It’s possible that you have tried getting help in the past from coaches who have sold you the world but like a failed rocket propeller, you still fell back to the unsatisfactory result you have always had. 

It’s very possible that you are no longer interested in trying anything new. You just want to wing it and see what happens. Now listen, one of the reasons your plans have not yielded results is that your plans have not been customised to suit the personalities of those expected to execute them. For example, If Google chooses to adopt Apple’s plan for 2023, it would be a catastrophic failure for Google because in this case, what’s good for the goose would most likely kill the gander.

Enough of the small talk, let’s get real. GET FOR FREE WHAT COST ME MILLIONS TO LEARN


I have had similar sessions with over 30 business CEOs and they have been able to replicate our back-to-back yearly successes.
45 minutes of too much nuggets of wisdom, I’m filled with so much motivation. Most importantly I’m willing to start now, thank you George Omoraro definitely worth it.
The best 45 minutes of my life was the 45minutes I spent with George Omoraro, wow! He is a bag of wisdom! thank you so much for this great opportunity sir! In just 45 minutes he gave solutions to all my business challenges! He is a genius”
45 minutes One on One with The George Omoraro was an amazing experience. Time was so0000 short, felt like the shortest 45mins of my life!!!!! it was so refreshing and reassuring. Thank you so much for this opportunity

Now, it’s your turn to do the same.

I have had similar sessions with over 30 business CEOs and they have been able to replicate our back-to-back yearly successes.

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